Computer upgrade complete and a nice biography treat

Harold L Hunt II
Fri Apr 2 03:49:00 GMT 2004

I've been meaning to inform the list that I was able to purchase an 
Athlon XP 2100+ for my system and it works great.  Unfortunately, the 
low price of $50 that I was seeing was for a Thoroughbred chip while I 
needed a Palomino which ended up costing my $90.  Thankfully the chip 
worked and my build times are down over 30% from my Athlon 1.2 GHz; the 
CPU is still pegged at 100% during builds so I know the speed is not 
being limited by memory throughput or hard drive throughput.  A friend 
built the entire Cygwin/X distribution on his Pentium 4 2.8 GHz machine 
in just over 45 minutes; my relatively cheap upgrades have gotten me a 
65 minute build time, which is great for me.

Before I spoil the rest of the story, I was going to take some pictures 
of my upgraded system, and instead ended up doing a sort of mini 
biography of myself and my toys:

Check it out, I hope you enjoy all of the pictures... oh yeah, there is 
a picture of me for all of you that are just starving to know what I 
look like after all of these years.  ;)


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