Cygwin/X11 forwarding ques.

Alexander Gottwald
Thu Apr 1 17:12:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Rosenstrauch, David wrote:

> Thanks for the response.  Your answer probably still stands, but I just wanted
> to point out a typo of mine, just in case it threw anyone off.  That should
> have read:
> "Is is possible, though, to do the opposite:  i.e., use X11 forwarding to have
> GUI apps from my Windows box run remotely on my *LINUX* box?"

The limiting factor is not the destination os but the graphics system on the
source. There is no way to export the windows drawing commands via X11.

There have been ideas to implement this with mirror video adapter drivers like 
utravnc uses them or with the x11drv from wine. But the last time i looked into 
it (esp. the wine x11drv driver) i found it nearly impossible to build it without
spending a half live on it.

I could redirect you to a mailing list which had this goal too but the list is dead
for about a year now after an initial "lets take it on and discuss the correct name
for our project and then let it die again" hype. Anyway if you are interested, you
can enjoy the silence in <> (they've got about
30 messages in the last 18 months)

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