Souldn't we put [Cygwin] or [CygXwin] here depending on the question?

Dave Korn
Thu Apr 1 15:31:00 GMT 2004

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> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of David

> I got mails from both two groups:cygwin, and cygXwin.

  Well, that's because you're on two completely different mailing lists.

> It's sometimes confusing.

  You're very easily confused then.  Why don't you set up your mailer to
sort them into different folders?

> Don't we need to seperate one from the other by putting
> a head into Subject, for example, [cygwin] vs. [cygXwin]?

  What on earth is the use of putting a tag in the subject line when it only
pointlessly duplicates information that is already in the From/To lines:

> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of .....

and when there's presumably many people who are only on one list.

  You could always just learn how to set up mail-sorting rules in your email
program, rather than expect everyone else to suddenly start doing things
your way just to save you the five minutes of effort it would take you to
sort your own problem out.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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