X Error of failed request BadMatch (invalid parameter

kamilzapart@o2.pl kamilzapart@o2.pl
Thu Apr 1 13:38:00 GMT 2004

I have problem with running application on machine : Sun-Solaris with Unix using Cygwin/X on machine with Windows XP 
I connect with Solaris after command :
xwin -querry <host ip>.
I add even -fp tcp/<host ip>:7100 ,but it seems it isn't a problem, because I can run all other Unix programs even without that. 

Normally when I start this secret program on machine Sun-Solaris there aren't any problems.

Only with this special program I have problem using Cygwin/X. 

In Unix Terminal I become a communique :

<<< __________________________________________________________ 
X Error of failed request BadMatch (invalid parameter
Major opcode of failed request: 11775
Current serial number in output stream: 12102


What can be the problem with? Can you help me?

Thanks for all helps.


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