Shared libXt/Xmu/Xaw/Xaw6 XFree86-bin and XFree86-prog test build

Harold L Hunt II
Fri Oct 17 05:36:00 GMT 2003

Thanks to Ralf Habacker we have a new test build of the XFree86-bin and 
XFree86-prog packages:


These packages use a shared build of the Xt library, which also allowed 
the Xmu, Xaw, and Xaw6 libraries to be rebuilt as shared.  This dropped 
the XFree86-bin package from 13 MiB to only 4 MiB!!!

Please install the above 'test' packages and report your results here. 
If the reports are good, I will mark this as 'curr' right away.

Please send feedback quickly.  This was *the* longest awaited cleanup to 
Cygwin/XFree86 and I would really like to mark this as done as soon as 
possible.  I would also like to submit this patch to XFree86 for 
inclusion in 4.4.0 if we can make the bug fix deadline.

Don't forget to thank Ralf,


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