Issue due to old CheckPoint VPN's "cygwin1.dll"

Biju G C
Mon Mar 31 10:23:00 GMT 2003

Regarding Messages:-

1. The procedure entry point _ctype_ could not be located in the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll.
   for sshd.exe 

2. The procedure entry point __progname could not be located in the dynamic link library
   for inetd.exe (postgresql)

pl. see following mails

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Subject: Issue due to old CheckPoint VPN's "cygwin1.dll"


I just thought sharing the issues I faced while setting up sshd on cygwin.

All went well till I executed
  $ cygrunsrv -S sshd

I got a message
"The procedure entry point _ctype_ could not be located in the dynamic link

Upon searching cygwin maillist
and doing things as suggested
i reached a mail asking to check cygwin by
  $ cygcheck -s -v

to my supprise I found another "cygwin1.dll" (1998 version)
on my system installed by "CheckPoint VPN SecureClient"

And it come in PATH before C:\cygwin\bin

I rearranged position of all Cygwin dir in the PATH variable.

rebooted PC and my sshd start working fine.
as a bonus I got similar issue with postgresql also got resolved


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--- Ben Voigt <bvoigt at> wrote:
How many times has Microsoft claimed to resolve this exact problem?  I
believe they proclaimed the "End of DLL Hell" a few years back, realized
they failed, and starting calling that a feature of every Windows version
since.  What a joke the MS marketing people are!

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Subject: RE: Issue due to old CheckPoint VPN's "cygwin1.dll"
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I will jointly blame CheckPoint VPN SecureClient for this
They installed cygwin1.dll at 

even though I have latest version of cygwin at

I feel Cygwin must insist others (the companies who use 
cygwin in their prouct) should use cygwin setup to install
official cygwin components!!!

I wasted more than a day for this reason.
While i installed postgresql, i finaly gave up 
assuming i made mistake.

when i installed sshd, i was 100% sure i followed
And as I was particular in getting it fixed
I started searching archives !!!

I was unable to do X11 Forwarding.
If any body tried weirdmind or WeirdX, pl. let me know.
 weirdmind -  
 weirdx -
 WiredX -   (online demo)


And here is the screenshots
My friend loging in to my PC using weirdmind ssh

Other cygwin screenshots using weirdx

Some Comments in Detail

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