Latest release observations

Jean-Claude Gervais
Sat Mar 29 21:37:00 GMT 2003


	I have just reinstalled my machine and therefore had to do a fresh install
of Cygwin.

	-multiplemonitors now works fine on my home machine, but for some reason,
it still only uses one display on my computer at work. I'll have a look at
the log file and post back when I get a chance.

	One thing I have noticed, that might be a nice simple feature to add is
this -

	If I start Xwin in -rootless mode at 1024x768, it creates an invisible root
window at screen coordinates 0,0

If I then play a DirectX game that changes the display's resolution to
800x600, when I exit the game, the XWin invisible root window is now shifted
over to the right.

My fix would be simple:

If running in rootless mode and the resolution changes, move the invisible
root window back to 0,0.


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