Multimonitor screen

Nick Crabtree
Fri Mar 28 13:30:00 GMT 2003

Xwin -multiplemonitors -rootless&
xterm -geometry +1600+0&

Puts an xterm at the top left of my second monitor (My system has three
monitors each at 1600x1200)

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> So next question on the list ( unless I find it first ) I have startx
> configured to go into kde2, but I can't see at present where I tell XWin 
> to use both monitors when it loads. Obviously I am still finding my way 
> around the scripts, so some further kicks in the right direction would 
> help.

OK that was too easy. I'm getting the hang of this now. So 
all that is outstanding is "How do I start a window OTHER 
than at 0,0 ?" ( I may actually be getting to a point where 
I could program it myself, but lets stick with what is 
available first <g> )

Now that I can get into KDE, reading the man stuff is 
easier, the old grey cells are warming up and I can remember 
how to do things, but how do I find out what I should be 
doing with the likes of .xserverrc -if at all - i.e. Is 
there a recomended way of setting up configurations?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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