Multimonitor screen

Nick Crabtree
Fri Mar 28 10:48:00 GMT 2003

As of Test 79 -multiwindow works across multiple monitors just great, with
or without the -multiplemonitors flag. (Thank you Kensuke!)

The multiple monitor support in Xwin.exe is like the +xinerama Linux option
- it treats all the monitors as one screen. Although you can specify
multiple screens with -screen 0 -screen 1, there is currently no way to
associate them with individual monitors.

Was that what you wanted to do?


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You answered your own question in the subject of your message.

You can use the -multimonitor command-line parameter for XWin.exe to 
create a window that spans multiple monitors.

However, this flag does not yet work in conjunction with the 
-multiwindow command-line parameter... though it would probably be 
trivial to make it work.

Are you using the -multiwindow command-line parameter?


Lester Caine wrote:
> I have a windows setup running across two 1280 x 1024 monitors.
> More by luck than design I can create a large desktop with xwin, and 
> can
> drag it to use it over the two monitors.
> I have also successfully got kde2 running from startx and it is 
> working
> nicely, again dragged onto either monitor.
> Now the problem - how do I either get xwin to build a window bigger 
> than
> a single screen, or get it to position it on the second monitor at 
> startup. The idea is to have multiple montors each with a different 
> 'xserver' screen. I have machines with 8 displays running with scrolling 
> information and am trying to move them to Linux via the back door, for 
> which cygwin may provide a half way house.
> I'm sure that some simple pointers will advance by understanding of 
> who
> this bit hangs together <g>

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