Multimonitor screen

Lester Caine
Thu Mar 27 23:45:00 GMT 2003

>>If I use -multiwindow or -multimonitor nothing starts, is 
>>there anything to add to those to get a window to open?
>>I have seen some notes that they have not been documented yet.
> I use:
> start XWin -multiplemonitors -multiwindow -dpi 100 -clipboard
> This runs fine on my machine (Win2k, Matrox G450).
> Note that with 4.2.0-25 at least, the release notes say "-multimonitor"
> but the option is really "-multiplemonitors".

-dpi 100 runs and produces a window, but if I add any of the 
others, then it just kicks back out. I've got W2k and a G550 
DualHead on this machine.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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