starting cygnome - problems with ORBit

Biju G C
Thu Mar 27 06:37:00 GMT 2003

David & JRC,

I also had similar problem when I screwed up Win2k security settings.
My problem was non admin users on my Win2k box cant run CyGNOME.
It became very secure, not even allowing non-admin user to see C:\
I corrected CyGNOME issues by reducing the security on %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp

Following is what I did. All the steps may not be necessary for you.
Also there may be a better way. 
Just wait before applying this,
So that somebody can comment on what I did.

I use Windows 2000. On other windows versions the options may be different.

NB: Effect of many step in the following will be difficult to reverse.


gone to %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp
and deleted all the files and folders in it.

now logged into Cygwin with Administrator ID and
and executed 
 $ chmod 1777 /tmp

Came to windows explorer 
right clicked %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp

selected "Sharing.."

clicked "Security" tab

Ensured the groups "Administrators" and "Everyone" have all the permissions checked.

Checked "Allow inheritable premissions from parent to propagate..."

clicked OK

Once again right clicked on %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp
and Came to "Security" tab

clicked "Advanced.." Button.

Add/Edit Permission Entries for "Everyone" to following
   Apply to : This Folder, subfolders, files.
   Checked all the boxes under Allow

Came back to "Access Control Settings for tmp" screen

checked "Allow inheritable permissions from parent..."
checked "Reset permissions on all child objects..."

And applied it.

Now my CyGNOME works fine for all users


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--- David Fraser <> wrote:
Jean-Raymond CHAUVIERE wrote:


I have the same problem as you got :

_IceTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.ICE-unix should be set to root
_IceTransmkdir: Mode of /tmp/.ICE-unix should be set to 1777
env: No such file or directory
/bin/bash: line 1: aumix-minimal: command not found
can't load fixed font during initialisationxscreensaver-command: not 
xscreensaver: not found
Gnome-Message: gnome_execute_async_with_env_fds: returning -1

** WARNING **: goad_server_activate: goad.c 673: unexpected exception 

I force the installation of the ORBit package from the /install/dir 
but the problem remains.

Can you say me what was your solution ?

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