X-version of tcl/tk on cygwin

Mark P. Esplin mark@srl-sdl.org
Mon Mar 24 19:57:00 GMT 2003

	I am in the process of porting some software from linux to the cygwin 
platform.  This software uses both tcl/tk and x-windows. The windows version 
of tcl/tk doesn't work well with x-windows.  I got errors when compiling the 
unix versions of tcl and tk from the cygwin tcl/tk sources.  To get 
tclClock.c to compile, I commented out several lines (309, 310, 349) that had 
to do with time zones. I also had to change a reference in 
tk/generic/default.h from tkWinDefault.h to tkUnixDefalt.h to get tcl/tk to 
compile. Everything seems to be working correctly now, but I am sure I will 
have problems with some of the time functions.  Is there a better way to get 
the x-windows version of tcl/tk working on cygwin?

                      -Mark Esplin

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