two new -multiwindow bugs

Nick Crabtree
Mon Mar 24 15:21:00 GMT 2003


Which of your monitors is the primary? I'm guessing it is the right hand one
(note that monitor 1 is not necessarily the primary, you have the choice).
If you set the primary monitor to be the left hand one then the xterm will
appear on the same monitor for both cases below.

If it really matters to you then I could have a look at the code.



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Subject: two new -multiwindow bugs

(By "new", I mean not discussed here before, not "new" as in only present in

the most recent release.)

Thank you for your time and effort, Kensuke, Harold, et. al.

I have two monitors, monitor 2 is physically left of monitor 1. 
XFree86-xserv 4.2.0-28.

0) the repeated keystrokes bug is still present in this release

1) window positioning bug

# Xwin -rootless -multiplemonitors -clipboard
# xterm -geometry +34+5

The xterm is positioned in the upper left-hand corner of monitor 2.

# Xwin -multiwindow -multiplemonitors -clipboard
# xterm -geometry +34+5

The xterm is positioned in the upper left-hand corner of monitor 1.

Presumably, the xterm should get positioned on the same monitor regardless 
whether I use -rootless or -multiwindow.

2) window title bug

# Xwin -rootless -multiplemonitors -clipboard
# xterm -geometry +34+5
# TERM=xterm; export TERM
# xterm -e bash -i -c "ssh -X user@remote"

The xterm window gets a title like "user@remote:~". This is very pretty and 
very useful when you open a gazillion xterms, like I do. (The remote machine

has an /etc/bashrc that sets up $PROMPT_COMMAND appropriately. For my stock 
RedHat 8 install, it's PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne 

# Xwin -multiwindow -multiplemonitors -clipboard
[snip. same xterm, TERM and ssh setup as above, but note -multiwindow, not 
-rootless Xwin invocation]

The xterm window gets the title "bash". Awful, boring title.


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