xwinclip dies with select failure

Raymond Kwong kwong@control.toronto.edu
Mon Mar 24 02:01:00 GMT 2003

I don't know how many people use the -nolisten tcp option with XWin for security. I
do and have found that the option conflicts with the -clipboard option as well as the 
-T option for xterm. This may be something only on my wish list, but is there any 
possibility of resolving this incompatibility issue, especially since there may not be
further updates to the standalone xwinclip program?


Harold Hunt wrote:


Most people are using the -clipboard command-line parameter for XWin.exe now... which 
provides the functionality of xwinclip.exe running in a seperate thread in XWin.exe. I 
don't know that I will ever make any new releases of the stand-alone xwinclip.exe.

Thanks for the patch anyway,


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