two new -multiwindow bugs

Andrew Markebo
Fri Mar 21 00:21:00 GMT 2003

Just a quick thought, could it be the prompt not correctly set?

| # xterm -geometry +34+5

The title is updated here??

| # TERM=xterm; export TERM
| # xterm -e bash -i -c "ssh -X user@remote"

But not in this xterm? What is PROMPT set to on the machine "remote"?

| xterm -T "my title" works for me with XWin-4.2.0-28. This is different
| functionality, though -- I was talking about a window title that
| updates automatically to show the current directory.

This is not the xterm doing, it is the prompt of your shell that does
this. What is the value of $PROMPT $PS0 $PS1 or what they are called..


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