two new -multiwindow bugs

Jack Tanner
Thu Mar 20 19:31:00 GMT 2003

Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> Are you running xterm from your startup script?  Why don't you try 
> starting it on your own after the X Serer has finished starting up.  I 
> am wondering if there is a race condition where xterm is setting the 
> window title before the window manager has finished starting, if that is 
> even possible.

Although it wasn't clear from the way I said it, I do run xterm after X 
has started.

In the start-up script, I have

# Xwin -rootless -multiplemonitors -clipboard
# xterm -geometry +34+5

Then from the xterm launched above, I do

# TERM=xterm; export TERM
# xterm -e bash -i -c "ssh -X user@remote"

> The other possibility is that the MultiWindow Window Manager handles 
> setting the initial title just fine, but it does not handle requests to 
> change the message.  Thus, xterm sets the message to "bash" on startup, 
> but requests to change it to the current directory, etc. are ignored.

I suspect this to be the case.

Raymond Kwong wrote:
> As for the window title bug, it was possible to give a new xterm a 
> different title under XWin-4.2.0-20. If you run xterm -T "my title" -e 
> bash, the xterm will have "my title" as the title. Versions after 
> XWin-4.2.0-20 don't seem to allow this anymore.

xterm -T "my title" works for me with XWin-4.2.0-28. This is different 
functionality, though -- I was talking about a window title that updates 
automatically to show the current directory.

J S wrote:
 > Does it make any difference to the titles if you change the color 
depth setting?

It makes no difference if I change the Windows color depth (I tried 
16-bit and 32-bit). Or do you mean some parameter to Xwin?


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