launching win apps inside Xfreee86?

Andrew Markebo
Wed Mar 19 20:34:00 GMT 2003

| 1. have cygwin XFree86 window to be full sreen (meaning no boarder)

Hmm could an alternative be without background.. meaning the windows
desktop is the behind.. is the window?

| 2. have windows apps run inside the Xfree86 session?

Nope, alternative might be using VNC or similar if you want to see the
screen on other computer.. if you want to throw out a bunch of
different windows-screens to a bunch of other clients, I think there
is a vnc-application that can do this too.

Or well maybe if you run vncviewer on x-mode, grabbing display of the
vncserver on the machine.. hmm nope.. wouldn't think so.


p.s. there is a cygwin.xfree mailinglist where I sent this answer to
too, and could be a good place for future questions.

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