[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Test 79

Pille Geert (bizvdm) geert.pille@vandemoortele.com
Wed Mar 19 11:15:00 GMT 2003

Hallo Rasjid,

Update Windows?  Do you mean that µicro$oft has released something new since
NT 4.0 ????


We can't access porn-sites, snif, or download executables or anything bigger
than 2Mb.  We couldn't update the PC's since we have no administator's
rights.  I could easily install Linux if I wanted to, but this is not my PC,
it's my customer's.

But thanks for the setup.exe, I've started it, now let's see if it gets
through.  Pure http might work, but if there is any ftp involved, I may as
well forget it.

Nog eens bedankt (thanks again),


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> On Wed, 19 Mar 2003 06:39 pm, Pille Geert (bizvdm) wrote:
> > Hallo Harold,
> >
> > You're sure that's a firewall you are behind?  I, eg., 
> can't even get
> > setup.exe, because it is ".exe".  As I said, I am very 
> lucky the ".bz2"
> > passes unnoticed (as long as < 2Mb).
> >
> > You wouldn't care to wrap setup.exe into a .bz2 and mail it 
> to me?  I could
> > still give it a try.
> >
> > Never mind, you'll still be asleep when I'm having my lunch 
> at home, I'll
> > get it there.
> >
> > Nice dreams,
> >
> > Gerard
> Gerard, when most people refer to a firewall, they are 
> thinking of a firewall 
> that keeps unwanted access from outside getting in.  This is often 
> (generally?) done with Network Address Translation.  Your 
> situation is one of 
> the most extreme 'firewall' setups I have heard of.  Blocking 
> .exe's from 
> emails is one thing (and quite sensible in the Windows world 
> if you are 
> forced to run Outlook which seems to do the most it can to 
> encourage viruses 
> to spread) but blocking the ability to download almost 
> anything is (in my 
> experience) unusual.  How do you update Windows or get the 
> latest Internet 
> Explorer update?
> Anyway, have you tried getting Cygwin via Rsync?  It is 
> possible that your 
> firewall does not block rsync traffic. (Or does it block 
> almost everything?)  
> There is a bit of a catch 22 here, as you need Cygwin (or 
> Linux / Unix) to 
> run rsync.
> I will forward the setup.exe (bzip2ed) to you directly.  If 
> you still find you 
> can't get things via setup (eg .tar.gz is blocked) then I can 
> forward you 
> enough to get rsync working and you can try that.
> Cheers,
> Rasjid.

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