KDE is running extremely slow.

Ravi ravi@vip3r.com
Tue Mar 18 09:02:00 GMT 2003

I see. Is Gnome for Cygwin a viable option? Or should I downgrade to an
older version of KDE or something? 

Thanks for your time :).

"- -" <antonv@postikaista.net> wrote in message
> From: Ravi <ravi@vip3r.com>
> To: cygwin-xfree@cygwin.com
> Sent: Sat Mar 15 22:35:20 EET 2003
> Subject: Re: KDE is running extremely slow.
> >> > I have an 800 MHZ PII with 384 megs of RAM. I'm new to this linux
> >> Are you running the X-Window System under Microsoft Windows?
> >Yes, I'm running XFree86/Cygwin with KDE 2 on top of it.
> Ok. You had me confused when you mentioned Linux. As you know XFree86 is
not operation system dependent, and the XFree project is also much older
(mid 1980's) than Linux. The X Window System is the de facto windowing
standard for many other operating systems too than Linux - mainly variants
of Unix.
> As for KDE2 at the time of its release people were unhappy with its
performance on Linux/Unix as well, and add to that the little overhead of
running X on cygwin then the not-so-good performance is hardly any surprise.
But "slow" is of course relative. If you find something else as big as KDE2
for cygwin X you could can run that and compare the performance to KDE2. 
> One should keep in mind though that KDE2 for cygwin is not considered
production quality by its authors - thus the not-so-smooth performance is

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