Ref Win95 (98?) : Can't open display (FRQ) (Solution) & Speed problems

Brian Linfoot
Mon Mar 17 13:04:00 GMT 2003

1.   FRQ and mail archive shows may iinstances of "Can't open display " 
on Win95 machines particularly laptops with no network connection.
Apart from firewall problems suggested by FRQ another explanation is 
that the manufacturer (e.g. Dell) has  installed a minimum Win95 set up. 
To cure the problem run Microsoft Communication Wizard to install 
required  network software either from CD-ROM  or CD image. If no live 
network link is available you may need to ctrl-alt-delete to get out of 
MCW once it tries to test the (e.g. non-existing modem on IR ) link.
Reboot and XWin, xterm etc  may now run.

2. Cygwin shows great increase in speed if  antivirus software (e.g. 
Network Associates V Shield) is temporarily switched off.

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