KDE is running extremely slow.

Ravi ravi@vip3r.com
Sun Mar 16 21:57:00 GMT 2003

Yes, I'm running XFree86/Cygwin with KDE 2 on top of it.

"Anton Vaaranmaa" <antonv@postikaista.net> wrote in message
> On Thursday 13 March 2003 02:05, vip3r spat:
> > I have an 800 MHZ PII with 384 megs of RAM. I'm new to this linux thing.
> > Could anybody point out the most common possible causes? Also, KDE runs
> > pretty faulty... I get error messages every minute or so. Is this bad?
> Are you running the X-Window System under Microsoft Windows? If so, do you
> KDE1 or KDE2 on top of it? Or do you run X on MS-Windows and connet to a
> Linux-box and launch KDE from there?
> If you have no idea what MS-Windows has got to do with anything, then you
> on the wrong mailing list. The topic of this list is the X Window System
> MS-Windows, not Linux.
> If you want help with KDE on Linux or Unix you should be writing to the
> comp.windows.x.kde usenet newsgroup.
> --
> Anton

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