Font error running app using XDMCP/XWin.exe to Solaris 9 host
Sat Mar 15 00:28:00 GMT 2003

Has anyone connected to a Solaris-9 machine from cygwin/XFree86 on a W2K
machine using the following method/command batch file?

start XWin -query host1 -fp tcp/host1:7100

This works but seems to mung up the CDE window that appears between the
display of the Solaris login box and the display of the CDE session window.
(The one that advertises Post Script in the lower right-hand corner, the
word PostScript is mangled) just prior to popping up the CDE session
Here the sequence:
1-    Solaris-9 login box is displayed
2-    A mostly blank large window indicating which version of CDE is
running (upper left-hand corner) and a little picture advertising
postscript (in the lower right-hand corner-"PostScript" is mangled, and
3-    The CDE session manager window with all the icon and tool bar and

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