CPU Usage 100% XWin <-> 'System'

Tino Lange Tino.Lange@isg.de
Fri Mar 14 23:36:00 GMT 2003


thanks for your fast and detailed reply!

> Please respond to the mailing list with a description of your hardware.
>   I am interested to know what you have got XWin running on.

Hmmm, my system is not bleeding edge, but it's also not too old - just a
good workhorse :-)
I'm using an AMD Duron 1GHz with an ATI Rage Fury / Xpert 2000 Pro,
latest driver (which is from 2001) It's an AGP 4x Card with 32 MB RAM.
I'm using 1152x864 at 16bit color depth.

In fact I can work with all my applications - also using XWin, but the
system is substantial slower compared with my old Exceed and it now
constantly shows 100% CPU usage in the Windows Task Manager. 'System'
(PID 8) needs about 60-80% at _all_ times as long as XWin is running.
Only if XWin needs more then it toggles for a second or so.

I just looked for newer drivers from ATI but the is the
last one.

Thanks again!

Best regards


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