[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Test 79

Kensuke Matsuzaki zakki@peppermint.jp
Thu Mar 13 19:08:00 GMT 2003


> Is it possible in XWin -multiwindow, to have the keyboard focus follow the
> active window?  When I switch windows with ctrl-tab, and start typing, input
> still goes to the previous window.
> Or is this not desirable for some reason?

It't possible. Didn't you see error message in console or /tmp/XWinrl.log ?
By the way, I think we use alt-tab to switch active window.

> PS. Until now, I was using XWin -rootless, and mwm handled keyboard focus.
> Am I correct that you don't need a (or another) window manager with
> -multiwindow?

Yes, you are correct. A window manager isn't needed.

Kensuke Matsuzaki

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