X -query <hostname> does not work

J S vervoom@hotmail.com
Wed Mar 12 21:53:00 GMT 2003

You're missing the tcp/ before the IP address eg,

Xwin -query Solaris_IP -fp tcp/Solaris_IP:7100 -from my_IP

> > I had this problem, I overcame it by adding the -from option.
> >
> > get your ip and run XWin.exe -query <hostname> -from <ip>
>Hi all,
>First of all (as an my initial post on group) - I would like to greet all
>cygwin programers & contributors! You have done a great job!
>To the point: I still have a problem connecting to Solaris machine (quite
>old one: SunOS 5.5.1). I use this syntax:
>Xwin -query Solaris_IP -fp Solaris_IP:7100 -from my_IP
>and noting...
>my DISPLAY is set to
>XWinrl.log looks like this:
>winFinishScreenInitFB - Masks: 0000f800 000007e0 0000001f
>winInitVisualsShadowDDNL - Masks 0000f800 000007e0 0000001f BPRGB 6 d 16 
>winCreateDefColormap - Deferring to fbCreateDefColormap ()
>winFinishScreenInitFB - returning
>winScreenInit - returning
>InitOutput - Returning.
>(**) Using keyboard "Keyboard1" as primary keyboard
>Rules = "xfree86" Model = "pc101" Layout = "us" Variant = "(null)" Options 
>winBlockHandler - Releasing pmServerStarted
>winBlockHandler - pthread_mutex_unlock () returned
>XDM: too many retransmissions
>SelectionNotify - ATOM: PRIMARY
>I really don't know what is wrong here. I remember that in December last
>year I had no such problems (cygwin base distro and Xfree version 
>to the second week of December.) I know that you are tired of this 
>question, but looking back in the archives I have not found solution to my
>Tomasz Rojek

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