X -query <hostname> does not work

Nikolai Lusan nikolai@humbug.org.au
Mon Mar 10 13:15:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Gernot Zander wrote:

> I have a host where kdm is running (and allowing sessions from my local
> network, where other PCs running linux get their X-Sessions from this
> server).
> I tried cygwin's X (and start applications from the server with for
> instance "xv -display winbox:0", this works fine.
> Then I try "X -query server", the server starts, but no kdm login window
> appears. The server later writes in the log:
> Mar  9 20:55:28 scorpio kdm[1255]: server open failed for,
> giving up
> Mar  9 20:55:28 scorpio kdm[31749]: Display cannot be opened
> It seems the cygwin's X-Server reports as it's IP?

I had this problem, I overcame it by adding the -from option.

get your ip and run XWin.exe -query <hostname> -from <ip>


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