XDM to linux box questions

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Fri Mar 7 19:27:00 GMT 2003


Well, it sound to me like it had nothing to do with your Windows 
updates.  Why would it?  (Don't answer that.)  You don't have firewall 
software installed on your Windows machine, do you?

I am not sure precisely what is going on, but this line:

seems to indicate that xdm is trying to connect back to your Windows 
machine using a UNIX domain socket (which doesn't go between machines). 
   On the other hand, that could just be XDM's standard logfile notation 
and it may indicate that it is using TCP/IP.

In any case, I would do some searching about what that log line is 
supposed to look like and see if it mentions anything about TCP/IP and 
UNIX domain sockets.  That would at least get you started.


Andrew Sarangan wrote:
> Hi
> I am using cygwin/XFree86 on a Win2k computer to
> communicate with my linux box (Slackware version). I
> successfully configured both systems so that I was
> able to log in via XDM into my linux box.
> However, recently this has stopped working. My XDM
> queries now go unanswered. I suspect that this has to
> do with some Windows security updates that I had
> applied. 
> The xdm logs in my linux box shows the following:
> xdm error (pid 2339): server open failed for
> dhcp024-210-231-236.woh.rr.com:0, giving up
> xdm error (pid 81): Display
> dhcp024-210-231-236.woh.rr.com:0 cannot be opened
> xdm error (pid 81): Display
> dhcp024-210-231-236.woh.rr.com:0 is being disabled
> It sounds like the problem is in my Win2k machine. I
> am not a Win2k expert, so I don't know where to look
> for clues. Suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks!
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