Running GIMP under Cygwin (not Win32!)??

Rui-Tao Dong
Thu Mar 6 21:03:00 GMT 2003

1.2.1 compiles more or less out of the box and runs fine w/ most of
the plugins.  However, it is very very slow.  My 200MHz PPro Linux box
w/256MB memory and a remote display runs much snappier than the 2GHz
P4 W2k box w/1GMB Memory running CYGWIN_NT-5.0 1.3.12 with local XFree.


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>>>>> "chris" == Chris Olive <> writes:

 chris> I posted this question to the cygwin mailing list last week,
 chris> and someone on that list referred me here and said he
 chris> cross-posted for me.  I didn't hear anything from his
 chris> "cross-post," so I'm trying again...

 chris> It would seem it's at least possible to run The GIMP under
 chris> Cygwin/XFree.  Try as I might, I can't get it to work.
 chris> Specifically, I can't get some of the necessary pre-requeistes
 chris> to configure and make properly (glib, GTK+, etc.)  Has ANYONE
 chris> gotten GIMP to work under Cygwin, and if so, specifically what
 chris> steps did you take to get it to work?  I've done a lot of
 chris> research on this before asking the question, and there is bare
 chris> mention of this on the web -- I see NO WHERE where anyone
 chris> claims that this works.  Essentially, there is no SOLID
 chris> information ANYWHERE on getting this to work.

 chris> I am interested only in running GIMP under Cygwin/XFree -- I
 chris> am NOT interested the Win32 version of GIMP!  Any help would
 chris> be GREATLY appreciated.

 chris> Thanks, Chris ----- Chris Olive chris[at]technologEase[dot]com

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