Application Problem: InsightII

Andrew Markebo
Thu Mar 6 19:55:00 GMT 2003

|> My questions are:
|> 1. If the XFree86 module is loaded does this mean that glx is also
|> loaded?

If my memory don't fail me, the glx-module or whatever is not ported
to cygwin.. yet.. It can be found in some X-servers on the linux-end,
most often distributed by those who made the graphics card.

|> 2. Is the Motif environment emulated?

Nope, it is the application end (the x-client end) that does the
motifing. Nothing needed at the server.

|> 3. What are the strategies to get to the nub of the problem?

You implement the glx module on cygwin?? :-) Basically the people who
knows what to do about this is probably working on other stuff they
think are more important, getting X working :-)


p.s. probably good news for you, I am not 110% sure of this, but I
think I have the nose in the correct direction.. :-)

 The eye of the beholder rests on the beauty!

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