script for remote window?

Thomas Chadwick
Thu Mar 6 07:56:00 GMT 2003

As for figuring out whether or not XWin is already running, it's as easy as 
"ps -ef | grep XWin".  For instance, the following "scriplet" will tell you 
whether XWin is running...

if [ "`ps -ef | grep XWin`" == "" ]
  echo "XWin is not running."
  echo "XWin is running."

>From: "Thomas Chadwick" <>
>Subject: Re: script for remote window?
>Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 15:52:58 -0500
>The following post I made some time ago might be helpful...
>>From: "Les Mikesell" <>
>>To: <>
>>Subject: script for remote window?
>>Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 12:43:33 -0600
>>The new -multiwindow mode looks really promising for
>>occasional access to unix GUI programs from a windows
>>box.  Is there any way to completely hide the process
>>of connecting in a batch file or bash script that can
>>be attached to a windows desktop icon?  That is, it
>>should start xwin (only) if it isn't already running,
>>The then ssh the appropriate command to a remote host with
>>X forwarding.  If ssh keys are in place the window
>>should just appear without much indication that it is
>>remote, otherwise it would have to stop for the ssh
>>password prompt. How can such a script tell at the
>>batch or bash level if xwin is already running?
>>   Les Mikesell
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