InsightII application problems

Michel Bardiaux
Wed Mar 5 14:08:00 GMT 2003

Are you aware your machine seems to have a VERY wrong date? In Netscape,
your message appears as posted on Sat, 5 Oct 2002 08:36:32 +0200.

Uli Horn wrote:
> Hi
> I have an molecular modelling application developed by Accelrys called
> insightII which runs on an SGI.
> I would like to view it remotely on a PC using the X Windows System.  I have
> tested it using eXceed 3D (MS Windows remote X Windows package) and it seems
> to function properly but when I use either cygwin or Redhat Linux it gives
> me an error "Couldn't get initial visual in app_init_display" where
> app_init_display is an application function.

Maybe the X server under cygwin or RH does not by default create the
visual expected by the application. Did you compare the output of
xdpyinfo between Exceed and RH?

> >From what I can see it uses Opengl and the glx libraries but the application
> might also require Motif.

ITIYM 'the Motif window manager'. That indeed is not a problem with
Exceed, which *does* honor the WM properties used by the Motif shell
widgets, and *is* likely to be a problem with RH, at least when using
KDE, because the KDW window manager does not honor some of these
properties. Eg a window supposed to be fixed-size with MWM will have
effective resize handles with KDM. I have not yet found a way to deal
with that specific issue even for applications of which I do have the
source code! One problem has been that I have not yet found any Xt-based
application that *is* non-resizeable under KDE. Ideas, anyone?

I have not yet tried our Motif apps under a recent Cygwin so I cant say
anything about cygwin.

> My questions are:
> 1. If the XFree86 module is loaded does this mean that glx is also loaded?
> 2. Is the Motif environment emulated?

In view of the previous paragraph, could you clarify the question?

> 3. What are the strategies to get to the nub of the problem?
> Regards
> Uli

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