XFree86 crashes: xvt_app_create / Cadence signalscan

Matthias.Wientapper@sci-worx.com Matthias.Wientapper@sci-worx.com
Tue Mar 4 14:49:00 GMT 2003


trying to start a waveform viewer tool (Cadence Signalscan Version 6.7s3) I
get the following error:

fatal: FATAL ERROR: MSG 0x0034deb2 [CAT 3/4 STD 57010 ]
Category: XVT release 3 assert (Signaled assert4)
Function: xvt_app_create 
File:     ./kpalet.c line: 480

Recursive call to msg or fatal: FATAL ERROR within last chance error handler
exiting application

Any ideas?

This is a no-go for replacing Exceed on the Terminalserver... :-(
Anyway, I pay the XFree86 developers a big compliment for doing a great job.


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