Running GIMP under Cygwin (not Win32!)??

David Huang
Tue Mar 4 14:30:00 GMT 2003

I'v uploaded the binary package and patches to
You can download it from

Have fun!

David Huang wrote:
> Oops! sorry, i forget the patches:(
> Good luck;)
>> Chris Olive wrote:
>>> I posted this question to the cygwin mailing list last week, and 
>>> someone on that list referred me here and said he cross-posted for 
>>> me.  I didn't hear anything from his "cross-post," so I'm trying 
>>> again...
>>> It would seem it's at least possible to run The GIMP under 
>>> Cygwin/XFree.  Try as I might, I can't get it to work.  Specifically, 
>>> I can't get some of the necessary pre-requeistes to configure and 
>>> make properly (glib, GTK+, etc.)  Has ANYONE gotten GIMP to work 
>>> under Cygwin, and if so, specifically what steps did you take to get 
>>> it to work?  I've done a lot of research on this before asking the 
>>> question, and there is bare mention of this on the web -- I see NO 
>>> WHERE where anyone claims that this works.  Essentially, there is no 
>>> SOLID information ANYWHERE on getting this to work.
>>> I am interested only in running GIMP under Cygwin/XFree -- I am NOT 
>>> interested the Win32 version of GIMP!  Any help would be GREATLY 
>>> appreciated.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Chris
>>> -----
>>> Chris Olive
>>> chris[at]technologEase[dot]com
>> Hi!
>> I have compiled GIMP on cygwin successfully, using X-Window system, 
>> and it works fine.
>> Of cource, it's easy to get, since native Win32 port works fine.
>> If you like, please try my little patch, hope helpful.
>> First you need glib, gtk+, you can build them yourself from sources 
>> with patches from
>> (contributed and 
>> maintained by Steven O'Brian).
>> Or, download glib, gtk+ binary packages directly from the Cygwin GNOME 
>> project
>> ( ), you can find more 
>> interesting GNOME
>> binary packages in cygnome-libs-1.4 (include glib, gtk+).
>> The build steps i have wrote into a file, like:
>> $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome --enable-shared=yes 
>> --enable-static=no --disable-perl
>> Please disable perl plugin, with little patched you can compile 
>> successfully, but running
>> GIMP hangs when try to load perl plugin script, in my test.
>> $ mv libtool libtool.old
>> $ cp /usr/autotool/devel/bin/libtool .
>> Update libtool to build DLL libs, i use the latest libtool.
>> $ make
>> $ make install
>> if you are luck, you'll get gimp run.
>> I have to say in my test it's OK, but i can't say it's really OK.
>> BTW: Please patch lib/glib/include/glibconfig.h,

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