dummy rootless question...

- jagginess@yahoo.ca
Mon Mar 3 23:41:00 GMT 2003

that's right..but don't touch Xwin...just replace
whatever default window manager there with 'wmaker &'
whatever name is your window manager...i believe 'twm
&' is still the default for the new release...once you
change this...simply type 'startx' in bash...
..or you can simply comment out the 'twm &' line with
a hash sign and have 'wmaker &' like this..
# twm &
wmaker &

another cool but not suggested way if you want to test
out any window manager...is..
'xinit <-/' in bash then type 'wmaker &' in the xterm
window...you can kill off window managers in the xterm
window to try out others with the 'kill' command...but
this is not a practical method but may help speeds
things in testing...

..not too sure what you mean as 'rootless' never tried
that before...

hope this helps..


 --- Pierre CHATEL <addicted2@wanadoo.fr> wrote: > i
can't figure out wich config file to edit in order
> to get X11 with
> Window Maker running in rootless mode (i already use
> wmaker).
> I saw that -rootless was an option to XWin but how
> to pass it to XWin at
> wmaker startup. In .xinitrc ??
> Thanks
> -- 
> Pierre CHATEL <addicted2@wanadoo.fr>

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