Control the cygwin terminal with escape sequences

Igor Pechtchanski
Mon Mar 3 15:51:00 GMT 2003

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On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Philippe Verdret wrote:

> Hi,
> i want to control the cygwin terminal with escape sequences generated
> by a Perl program.
> I can clear the screen with the echo command:
> % echo -e "\033[H\033[J"
> but if i write a small inline perl program, i can't:
> % perl -e 'print "\033[H\033[J"'
> This doesn't work even if i put the screen in 'raw mode' without echo
> (with system('stty -echo raw') in the perl program).
> Can you help me?
> Philippe

And answering:


Works for me (using cygwin-1.3.20, bash-2.05b-8 and perl-5.6.1)...  You
might want to report your problem properly, as described in
<>.  Also, check that your perl one-liner
outputs exactly the right sequence (by piping it to "od -c", for example).
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