X 4.2.0-26 Bug, problems related to popup menus in applications

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Sun Mar 2 04:45:00 GMT 2003

Yup, I have seen that bug, but Kensuke will need to be the one to take a
look at that... and he doesn't seem to be following the list lately.


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> Subject: X 4.2.0-26 Bug, problems related to popup menus in applications
> There is a problem with menus in the -multiwindow
> mode, i have noticed in emacs. Try starting emacs
> -display :0 and then clicking many menus, you should
> eventually see blocks of windows that do not go away.
> There are drawing problems, the emacs window becomes
> corrupted, blocks of the emacs window are still
> displayed in emacs and other X app windows even if you
> minimise it.
> I think the -multiwindow mode is great though, thank
> you, thank you so much to those who have worked on
> this. This is greatly apprieciated, it is so good as
> well to have a complete X system on Windows, with all
> of the standard X clients.
> I like the dummy window feature a lot. It asbolutely
> should continue to be included. I do think maybe there
> should be an option to have it hidden, a great idea
> would be to put an icon for it on the icon tray (next
> to the taskbar clock), there it is out of the way from
> the users of the computers I administer from
> accidently clicking on it, and wondering what
> happened. The -rootless mode is also great, but the
> downside is the X applications are not accessible on
> the taskbar, it would be nice if there were an option
> to make them appear on the taskbar, if thats possible.
> Perhaps the -rootless mode should also have an
> optional dummy window, for accessing the window
> managers desktop right click menus, etc.
> Agian, thank you so much, for this wonderful and
> complete X implementation, it very much apprieciated.
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