laptop performace : SYSTEMROOT

Sun Mar 2 00:19:00 GMT 2003

see that SYSTEMROOT variable under the running
environment contains the base path to your windows eg.

i did plenty of experimentation why my X wasn't
running, Cygwin's Xfree86 won't run without this
system variable and may be a factor among other
program performances..but not too sure if it has an
affect on bash or emacs...but I do know that CygWin/X
won't run without it on my system...I'm using a
desktop with XP in my case... also check the two
location registry keys...they should point to your
cygwin path...these have an affect but noyon really
talks about them...its possible that may have
accidently been deleted...
the location for them on my system is

My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cygnus

be sure that your paths are correct...but if you have
no problems running binary files from cygwin, you
probably don't have a problem with paths in your

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cygnus Solutions]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin]

Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2]
"cygdrive prefix"="/cygdrive"
"cygdrive flags"=dword:00000020

Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/]

Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/usr/bin]

Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/usr/lib]

Solutions\Cygwin\Program Options]

One more thing, is that if you're using Nt or Xp, be
sure to try to isolate cygwin from any windows fast-search indexing and filenames
beggining with "." ... strange but in a dos-box under
windows NT/XP you can create a filename beggininng
with a "." but not with explorer!...i've noticed these
aggravating problems so what i did was make a separate
partition just for cygwin...

also check the folder security settings if you're
using NT or XP with ntfs...have Administators and
System to full access, and not to forget Creator Owner
and Users with appropriate access...if necessary
readopt new acccess priviledges (inherit to all
children objects to these new settings -> avail in XP)
and turn off the Read-Only attribute where your cygwin
installation is located...other than that try out the
latest cygwin release and try using these
tricks...registry pathnames ,folder priviledge access
(NT/XP)... and read-only file/folder attributes... if
things still fail by this, one more trick i can offer
is to check your /etc/passwd...if it doesn't appear
right, it doesn't hurt to actually delete it and
recreate it by simply typing 'mkpasswd' , see that it
was created...if it wasn't then something is wrong
somewhere...if it succeeds, try relogging in with your
userid...can't be sure if this is helpful under 95/9X
as I've never installed cygwin under 9x...
..note the same registry settings locations for
cygwin's respective install paths on XP apply as well
to 9X according to my knowledge...

hope this information helps...


--- Thor Anders Aarhaug
<> wrote:
> "Thomas Chadwick" <> writes:
> | Back in January I noticed the performance of
> Cygwin, and
> | Cygwin/Xfree86 in particular, went down the tubes.
>  I posted to the
> | general cygwin mailing list since all things
> cygwin were affected.
> | Here's a link to the root of the thread.  You can
> follow it to
> | conclusion by hitting the "Thread Next" link.
> hi,
> interesting, although not the case for me: the
> stationary is running
> folding@home, while the laptop is not. no other bg
> processes that
> takes at lot of CPU resources.
> I just can't understand why emacs is "readily"
> started from .xinitrc,
> but not otherwise.
> Thor A.
> -- 
> Thor A. Aarhaug
> "Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position; seeya!"

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