rdesktop.exe session on an X-terminal?

Andrew Markebo andrew.markebo@comhem.se
Mon Jun 23 19:22:00 GMT 2003

| On a test machine using Cygwin/Xfree86 one may telnet from the
| X-terminal and establish an xterm (bash) session but then invoking
| 'rdesktop.exe' will not open a session on the remote display. 
| 'rdesktop.exe' does open a session window on the console display if
| invoked from a console command prompt.

rdesktop.exe, compiled how? It needs to be compiled with X11 support
to be displayed on the X11 terminal.


| As you can see our hope is to build an alternative to Citrix
| to present Win2k desktop sessions on X-terminals using only one
| Win2k host.  We can now do that using one Win2k host and one
| unix host to manage the X-terminals.

A doublecheck, desktop sessions is windows desktop sessions with
normal windows apps? You think that rdesktp.exe can do this? Provide
the sessions on the 'server'? 

If so, just a quick thought how come you think (could be true, could
be false) rdesktop.exe can provide and export the 'session' of one
'virtual' windows session to a remote host? I thought it was just a
viewer, and rdesktop.exe is used to see sessions on other computers, a
client, not a server?

BTW Isn't there a vnc-port that does a bit of this? Can do
sessions.. or is it that it can send just windows.. 


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