rdesktop.exe session on an X-terminal?

msg michael.grigoni@cybertheque.org
Mon Jun 23 19:22:00 GMT 2003

Hi again,

> Even if rdesktop has some server type mode, it wouldn't let you share
> Windoze desktops:  XWin.exe only knows about X windows that it creates,
> and doesn't send events or examine non X windows...

Let me clarify how we're using 'rdesktop.exe' (and rdesktop on Unix)
to show the network flow:

1. On an X-terminal telnet to the Win2k/TS box and login using
   a non-privileged account; one will work from within this text-based
   telnet session.

2. Startup an 'xterm' to display on the X-terminal:
	cd \cygwin\bin
	..\X11R6\bin\xterm -display <ip addr of X-terminal>:0.0

3. An xterm (bash) will open on the X-terminal screen

4. In this xterm startup rdesktop.exe:
	rdesktop -d <domain> -u <user>

     ...this tells rdesktop to open a TS session on the localhost
        (which is the idea here) using the X-display used by the
        xterm running bash (displaying on the X-terminal of course).

5.  At this point 'rdesktop.exe' is running (no error messages) but
    there is no rdesktop display on the X-terminal and none on the     
system console either (just being sure).

Here is how we know 'rdesktop.exe' is working at all:

1. At the Win2k console login as a non-privileged user.

2. Invoke 'rdesktop.exe' from a bash command prompt for from a
   Windows command prompt; it doesn't matter.

	rdesktop.exe -d <domain> -u <user>

3. An X11 session (without a window manager) will be created running
   rdesktop as a window on the Windows desktop (one could do it
   full-screen if desired).  This session is a remote login so-to-
   speak to the local machine and presents the standard NT5 login

Here is how we use 'rdesktop' on an X-terminal managed by the
Unix host to connect to the same Win2K/TS box:

1. Power-on an X-terminal and login to the Unix host (running XDM).

2. From within an xterm invoke 'rdesktop -d <domain> -u <user> -K
   <ip-addr-of-Win2K/TS-box>' to get a Windows desktop (full
   screen is even better and on an X-terminal looks and feels
   just like the computer's console)

The hope is to dispense with the Unix host to manage the X-terminals
and manage them using the __SAME__ X11R6 utilities running
under Cygwin/Xfree86 on the __SAME__ host running Terminal Services
which then would provide Windows desktops to the X-terminals
(hopefully using 'rdesktop.exe' or some other open source

Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum

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