Cannot display remote program on local machine.

Alexander Gottwald
Sat Jun 21 10:47:00 GMT 2003

monika wrote:

> Hi,
> I have installed the entire cgywin package along with XFREE86. I want to
> use it have the display of a remote program running on my local m/c.
> After installing, I executed startwin.bat and the XServer started. I
> think I need to start Xterm as well to set the xhost, however, I do not
> know how I should do this. After I connect to the remote server using
> ssh through bash, I export the display using
> export DISPLAY=ip_localmachine. However, this does not give me the
> display of the remote program. What is it that I am suppose to do and I
> am not doing. I think I am making some mistake, but do not know what.

you can start the xhost from the local bash prompt too.

$ DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 xhost remote_ip

or you add the remote ip address to /etc/X0.hosts. This will add the host
to the list of allowed hosts too.

The display variable is always hostname:display.0
in most cases display is 0 and you'll end up with hostname:0.0


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