Custom icons + MouseUp fix

Colin Harrison
Fri Jun 20 12:21:00 GMT 2003

Hi Earle,

The DLL hook is fairly straightforward to use, but is intrusive on the rest
of a system, (MS don't really recommend using them!)

MSDN however have lots of stuff on hooks e.g.

I've got one working in a separate DLL, but it isn't fit for public
consumption and often goes bang! Harold's Morse program shows the potential
power of hooks, and will really annoy any one within earshot if you have big
woofers hanging on your pc! 

On using the standard Windoze cursors instead of the SW DIX one. Don't we
have to use Hardware cursors to do this, or use Sprite Layer alternatives to
the Pointer Layer routines in miDCInitialize(pScreen,
&g_winPointerCursorFuncs)? Or are you proposing converting X cursors on the
fly using something similar to the Icon convert and still use
miPointerAbsoluteCursor calls to place them.
How can we tell which X cursor is in play on a client? I must admit I'm a
little green in this area and keep going round in circles going through the
porting docs, making pennies drop!
Luckily, unlike icons, there are only a finite number of standard X cursor
shapes to deal with, so a map could be used for these perhaps?


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