Memory access error XWin -multiwindow

Biju G C
Tue Jun 17 01:59:00 GMT 2003

I dont know whether this error is same as some faced by others.

I am getting following memory access error message


When I am running "XWin -multiwindow" or "XWin -multiwindow -ac" 

and trying to host mozilla, gimp, konqueror running from 
"Redhat Linux 9" as well as "knoppix" box

err_redhat3.png, err_redhat4.png dialogs on vc++ debugger for the same error

if I try to run "xterm" in "-multiwindow" mode there is no problem.
As well as mozilla, gimp, konqueror all works fine with 
"XWin.exe  -nodecoration -clipboard"

I tried to run them (a) by X forwarding (b) by directly from 
"RH 9 Linux" and "knoppix" box by setting DISPLAY env variable.

If any more details need i can provide

PS: I also checked this with lastest Cygwin & XWin version by running setup.exe today


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