X server acting funny when displaying remote KDE session

Benjamin Riefenstahl Benjamin.Riefenstahl@epost.de
Mon Jun 16 14:07:00 GMT 2003

Hi Stefan,

Stefan Heinzmann <stefan_heinzmann@yahoo.com> writes:
> I see more chance for success when analyzing the SSH_CLIENT variable
> that is left behind by ssh. It contains the client's IP address,
> which could be grafted into the DISPLAY variable.  I'm not a shell
> script guru, but I could try to put something together.

No.  Ssh uses port forwarding.  That works by accepting X connections
locally at the client machine and than forwarding the data packets
that arrive on that "display" to your actual server through an
internal SSH tunnel.  Your DISPLAY variable on the client should be
something like localhost:10.0.


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