X server acting funny when displaying remote KDE session

Stefan Heinzmann stefan_heinzmann@yahoo.com
Mon Jun 16 11:16:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

My X server is essentially unusable when displaying a remote
KDE session. The symptoms are:

o  I can't enter any text, since the keyboard does not react

o  When clicking on a button it happens that all windows
including the taskbar disappear from the screen and reappear
only when right-clicking on the desktop.

o  When exiting the X server it crashes.

My setup is as follows:
Xfree86/cygwin on a Win2K machine. Both cygwin and Win2K have
the latest patches/updates. I log into a Debian Linux machine
on the same local ethernet using
ssh -C -X -l<user> <IP-address>

xterm works ok, with the exception that it does not use the
US-international keyboard layout that Win2K uses (why does
Xfree86 not inherit the Windows settings?).

When I start KDE with startkde in a xterm window, it appears
to start correctly. But as described above the keyboard is
ignored and the mouse actions are funny.

KDE used locally on the Linux box works ok.

Another minor quibble (which may be off-topic here):
In contrast to what the Xfree user's guide says I have to set
the DISPLAY variable manually after connecting to the linux
machine via ssh. I would have expected ssh to do that for me.
Also I have to do xhost + before calling ssh, is that not
also supposed to be done by ssh?

Anyone got an idea what is amiss?



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