can't open window

Jack Tanner
Thu Jun 12 19:45:00 GMT 2003

Csaba Palotai wrote:
> I'm kind of beginner with cygwin (not completely though). I need to use X11
> but always get the "can't open window" message. Tried to reinstall XFree
> 3-times, searched the archives and tried whatever was suggested there,
> nothing worked. I would really need it for remote applications, has anyone
> experienced similar things or has any suggestions? Every idea helps. Thanks

Do you mean "Can't open display"? This is because your DISPLAY variable 
isn't set. To test this, do

# echo $DISPLAY

Assuming your shell is bash (echo $SHELL), you can set DISPLAY by doing

# export DISPLAY=

To ensure this is done automatically, check that this is a line in the or startxwin.bat script you use to start XFree. The default 
example scripts do contain this command.


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