Alternate window manager

Mon Jun 9 16:21:00 GMT 2003

I would probably go with windowmaker, which is also downloadable via

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* Anthony Watts <> [2003-06-09 07:50:43 -0000]:
> I would like to use X-windows that behave more like other unix platforms,
> can be resized by dragging the mouse on any edge or corner, also click on
> top right hand corner to get full screen window.  Is this possible with
> Xfree86?  If so is there an application note or documentation to explain
> to do this?

  You answered your own question in the Subject: field of your email.
:)  The UI elements you're referring to are provided by the window
manager; in this case, the venerable twm (which is the default window
manager provided with Cygwin/XFree86).  All you need to do is install a
different window manager; I know at least fvwm (or is it fvwm2) is
available via the setup program.  KDE and GNOME also run under Cygwin,
but you have to get them manually from their respective web sites.

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