Generic rootless/multiwindow mode in XFree86 CVS

Alexander Gottwald
Mon Jun 9 09:28:00 GMT 2003

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> > Is this in the latest XF86 tarballs available from their development
> > server?  I haven't had time recently to do code hacking, but with any luck
> > that'll change soon.
> > 
> I think the tarballs tend to be out of date.  

There are two sorts of tarballs. The regular releases and snapshots. The
last regular release was 4.3.0 and is about 3 months old. The snapshots
are much newer. But getting the xfree source from cvs is the recommended

Unfortunately the rootless code was added after the 4.3.0 release, so we
still don't have it in the xoncygwin repository.


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