Window Manager Selection

William E. Kempf
Fri Jun 6 22:54:00 GMT 2003

OK, someone pointed out to me that the -rootless and -multiwindow options
can make X on Windows behave much more like native windows.  I like this a
lot, and might actually start using X for a lot more.  However, I'm having
difficulties finding a window manager that I like.

I want the windows to look and feel as much like the native windows as
possible.  At the very least, though, I want the input focus to not
require the mouse to be over the top of the window!

Just finding a list of what managers are available (have been ported) is
proving to be a major pain.  And when you do find available managers,
figuring out if they behave the way I want, or can be configured to do so,
is taking way too much of my time.

Can anyone suggest a window manager for me?

William E. Kempf

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