tryin to use Xwin on windows XP with a remote window manager on Linux

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Jun 5 14:53:00 GMT 2003

Read the manual:

It sounds like you want to use XDMCP rather than what you are trying to  do.

If you don't want to use XDMCP, there are other options:

What you are doing right now just doesn't make any sense.


John Vincent wrote:

> Hi,
> What I'd like to do is run Xwin on my windows XP box, and run the window 
> manager on my linux box. I assumed that all I'd have to do is set the 
> DISPLAY environment variable to point at my x-server, then run 
> "startkde" to run the window manager. Unfortunately, the Xwin server is 
> refusing connections. I've tried running "xhost +" on the windows 
> machine, but this does not appear to have any effect unless I'm already 
> running a window manager - which defeats the whole point.
> So, does anyone know how to make "xhost +" work when there is no window 
> manager, or alternatively is there any other way to get Xwin to accept 
> connections?
> Thanks in advance
> /John Vincent.
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