xwinclip patch

Benjamin Riefenstahl Benjamin.Riefenstahl@epost.de
Thu Jun 5 11:50:00 GMT 2003


uribarri_u@tsm.es writes:
> Well, then I will fork the xwinclip development. That's the
> greatness of open source.

How about adding code to just make it a command-line option?  That's
more coding work than simply removing PRIMARY support, but it may be
more acceptable to the maintainers.

It wouldn't be the default, so your way of doing things would require
that startxwin.bat be modified by the user.  But config files for
Emacs and Xterm must be changed anyway for this, so that should not be
a problem.

Than we can test it for a while and either leave it at that, or ask
the maintainers to think about it again if you still think it should
become the default.

so long, benny

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